Basildon Boozy Bingo

Basildon, get ready for the grooviest, boogiest, most bonkers game of bingo you’ve ever played. It’s bingo, Jim, but not as we know it. It’s bingo plus. It’s extra large bingo. It’s bingo with a side of chaos fries. It’s NIGEL bingo…

Eyes down as your bingo caller extraordinaire Nigel Munson takes you on an interactive journey to his balls in this madcap version of the game crammed full of bonus rounds, mini-games and mystery prizes!

Expect dance battle rounds, confession sessions and the most intense musical statues you’ve ever witnessed. Expect moments of soul-expanding profundity. Expect to play only a small amount of actual bingo.

Nigel is a performer and interactive entertainer from East London. Just over a year ago Things Made Public asked him to create a version of bingo for them, and since then he has hosted his unique take on the great game at venues throughout London, festivals, hospitals and even at the Innocent Smoothies HQ, and he is extremely excited to be coming full circle with his bingo odyssey.